Medical Consumables Intensive Operations Services
Invest to build 'Medical consumptive material integrated Operation Service platform' (including platform software, intelligent hardware and other supporting facilities and Equipment) in hospital, and send a professional operations management team to be responsible for daily procurement, warehousing, logistics and other full process operation and management of hospital medical consumables
Regional Testing Center
Through the combination of self-construction and co-construction among government, central enterprises and medical institutions, build regional inspection center on the basis of the Inspection Division of municipal hospitals at all levels. Provide medical Laboratory inspection and diagnostic services for medical institutions at all levels in the region to realize mutual recognition of test results in the region and reduce duplicate inspections
Medical Inspection Intensive operations services
Thalys is an earlier company engaged in medical inspection integrated services, with a professional service system, rich integrated services experience,perfect warehousing, cold chain conditions and information management system that matches it
Thalys Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focuses on medical integrated business and operation Services. Thalys is a listed company which lands on Shanghai Stock Exchange main board On Oct 31, 2016 (stock code:603716). Uses business philosophy 'Innovate for a healthy China' to insight into the industry dynamics and closely follows the health care reform policy, follows the tendency to construct the business model of medical integrated service, follows the trend to leveraging the capital market to complete the national business layout,goes with the trend to construct the ecological model of medical integrated service, determines to become a medical integrated operations service provider with higher influence
Intensive services
For corporate strategic partner hospitals customers’ needs and requirements, Thalys Medical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of Upgrade Business for intensive services, that is two-direction service model
Intensive customers
Province and area
The regional coverage of the national province has been largely completed with national regional expansion
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Instruments and equipments
Through the effective integration of upstream In-vitro diagnostics (IVD)products resources, with a full range, excellent quality inspection reagents and supplies procurement platform
Partner Supplier
Through strategic cooperation supplemented by the combination of agents, Thalys have established a good long-term cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign major IVD Suppliers, deeply integrate Channel Resources
Pharmaceuticals /consumables/reagents
Covers the full procurement category required by medical institutions to meet the one-stop demand of medical institutions for In-vitro diagnostics (IVD)products
News and information
Real-time release of the latest industry trends
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